Spenard Farmer's Market

"That Down-Home Funky Feeling of Belonging!" -AK on the GO
The 2015 Spenard Farmers Market is every Saturday, from May 16th through September 26, under the windmill in Spenard, Alaska at W. 26th and Spenard Road. The market hours are from 9-2.


Organized by a group of dedicated community-minded volunteers in 2010 and with the generous donation of the parking lot from Chilkoot Charlies, the Spenard Farmers’ Market (SFM) is a place to buy fresh Alaska grown and caught food, locally grown plants, and handmade arts and crafts. Along with over 45 vendors and community service booths, special events and musicians entertain each Saturday from May 16 - September 26 from 9:00 am - 2:00 pm in the Chilkoot Charlie’s windmill lot on Spenard Road between W. 25th and W. 26th Avenues. 

The Spenard Farmers Market is an all volunteer-led Market with affordable booth fees of $25 for a 10' x 10' space. Only eligible vendors who meet a strict criteria and fall under three vendor categories of “Alaska Grown/Caught,” “Locally Baked or Cooked” and “Locally Made Arts & Crafts” are selected to participate. Sprinkled in the Market mix each week are FREE special events, “Blooming Youth Booths”, Community Service booths, table top micro-vendors, local Spenard area businesses along with live, talented musicians who entertain market customers. 

Purpose Statement for Articles of Incorporation:
The Spenard Farmers Market is a community-based effort to create a quality farmers market in beautiful, downtown Spenard, Alaska.
The Spenard Farmers' Market is a local, non-profit to that was formed to:
1. Provide consumers with locally grown or produced products at a convenient location.
2. Provide area farmers, food producers, fishers, and craftspeople with improved marketing opportunities.
3. Promote Spenard's economic prosperity by attracting visitors and creating a market where Alaskans may sell their goods.
4. Create a strong neighborhood identity by creating a marketplace where community members may shop, interact and invest in their neighborhood.  

Free parking is located in the Northeast section of the Chilkoot Charlie’s parking lot (off Spenard and W. 25th Avenue) and in the backside parking lot of La Mex (off  W. 25th Avenue). Please do not park in front of other local businesses! 

Our Sponsors
Chilkoot Charlies has generously donated the parking area under the Windmill as well as other services including electricity, garbage cans, and our storage facility. Thank you Chilkoots! Without their contribution, it would simply not be possible to keep the booth space fees low while offering free parking and a quality market. 

Booth Fee
A one time $15 Vendor fee and a $25 fee per 10 x 10 booth space, per Saturday. Only eligible booths that have completed an on-line vendor application and that have been pre-approved by our vendor committee will be able to participate.

Eligible Booths Categories
“Alaska Grown/Caught”: Alaska grown agricultural and seafood products are the highest priority for the limited number of booth spaces. This includes professional producers as well as local folks who just want to sell starts, plants or produce.

“Locally Baked or Cooked”:  Locally baked or cooked goods are allowed. We will be very selective of these items, so that we do not compete against local Spenard area restaurants and bakeries. In order to meet Municipality of Anchorage Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) food- handling regulations, these foods must be prepared in an a DHHS-approved kitchen.

“Locally Made Arts & Crafts”:
High quality, locally-made arts and crafts. Expect more arts and crafts early in the season, and fewer later in the summer when produce is at its peak level of production.

Special Event and Community Service Booths
There will be a small number of weekly Community Service and Special Event booths at the Market and are by invitation-only.


“Music Under the Windmill” 
Local musicians are offered the opportunity to play music at the Market. They sell cd’s and collect tips. Tip your musicians if you like the music they play.

“Ask an Expert” booth
Local master gardeners and other gardening experts are available to educate market-goers about America’s most popular hobby – gardening!

“Healthy Spenard” booths
Non-profit organizations who are working to help Spenardians be as healthy as possible.

“Sustainable Spenard” booth
This booth is a place where people can connect to others who are interested in building a more sustainable community in Spenard. It is up to you what you make of this booth.

“Bike Barn” booth
This is the place to park your bicycle or scooter when you come to shop at the Market. Why not come to the Spenard Farmers Market by bike, scooter or bus?

How do I participate?
You must complete an on-line 2015 Spenard Farmers Market Vendor Application. You will be notified if you have been approved by the vendor committee and what Market dates you have been selected for. Additional information is under the "Vendor Information" tab. Payment will be made at the start of each Saturday at the Market.