Spenard Farmer's Market

"That Down-Home Funky Feeling of Belonging!" -AK on the GO
The 2015 Spenard Farmers Market is every Saturday, from May 16th through September 26, under the windmill in Spenard, Alaska at W. 26th and Spenard Road. The market hours are from 9-2.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Showing Your Support

Alisa Baker of Grass Roots reports, “we will be bringing pre-cut mixed flower arrangements, as well as pick-and-choose flower arrangements including irises, forget-me-nots, lilies, yarrow, and calendula. We will also have cut herbs, rhubarb, and tomato and cucumber plants.”

This Saturday July 2nd Spenard Farmer’s Market is hosting RED, WHITE & BLUE Day for an ALL-AMERICAN SPENARD! The Market will be festive with flags and all vendors are being encouraged to dress up their booths as patriotic as possible with balloons, flags and other 4th of July decorations! There will also be a contest for the booth that is the most patriotic, and back by popular demand is the Back Acres band that will be providing live music.

But really, what is more patriotic then growing your own food? Author Michael Pollan said in reference to the Victory Gardens of World War I,
“Growing some, even just a little, of your own food is in fact one of the most powerful things an individual can do.” Supporting local growers at the Spenard Farmers Market is both putting money into our local economy and showing demand for a self-reliant Alaska where food is grown close to home.

We are pleased to announce that Coastal Villages Seafood, LLC will be selling fresh caught Wild King Salmon from the Kuskokwim river. They are a fair trade business, employing local fishermen and their families from 25 villages along the coast of Western Alaska. CVS Representative Jill Phelps says, “We have fresh king fillets for the market for a very reasonable price so that our interns from the Kuskokwim villages can receive experience in sales and marketing. We plan on rotating personnel and have 7 interns from various villages where the fish are caught. I expect this will be a wonderful opportunity for them.”

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